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Home inspections are done visually--we can only report on what we can see. Thermal imaging gives a professional home inspector the ability to see beyond what is visible. However, many of the inspectors who do own an infrared camera are never properly trained and certified in its use. Here at Allied, all of our inspectors are fully trained and certified in thermal imaging. A professional home inspector equipped with this technology and skill set can find problems with a house that normal home inspectors cannot. These problems include:

- Water intrusion through the house's exterior covering, whether the house has brick, stone, stucco or siding.
- Improperly installed or settled insulation.
- Water leaks around windows and doors.
- Plumbing leaks inside the house, including leaking pipes, improperly seated toilets, leaky shower pans and bathtubs, and water pipe condensation.
- Improperly insulated HVAC ducting that has not been properly sealed or causes condensation dripping in the attics and crawlspaces.
- Improperly installed or insufficient insulation in the ceilings and walls.
- Leaking roofs, skylights, roof vent piping and roof vents.

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