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John S. Micali - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 183
John is President of Allied Building Inspection Services. A Florida Certified General Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Pest Operator and Home Inspector, he graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction in 1989. His broad range of construction management and development experience in residential and commercial construction gives him a strong knowledge of building codes and construction practices.

As President of the Allied Companies since 1993, he has personally performed over 10,000 residential and commercial building inspections, construction-in-progress inspections, forensic Inspections, 40-year re-certification inspections, roof Inspections, ASTM Property Assessments, and Reserve Study Inspections. He has performed construction consulting, cost and forensic consulting, and rendered expert testimony for various commercial projects to multiple large clients in the legal, lending and development community. John has appeared on HGTV and contributed to books and articles related to building inspections.

As a general contractor, owner and developer in multiple ventures, he has acquired, developed, renovated, or restored and sold over 140 properties in South Florida over the last twenty years.

  • Florida Certified General Contractor CGC054365
  • Florida Certified Roofing Contractor CCC056922
  • Florida Certified Pest Operator - Termite & Wood Destroying Organisms
  • Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI) - NAHI
  • Certified Radon Measurement Technician
  • Prior Certified Indoor Environmentalist - IAQA, Relinquished
  • National Association of Home Inspectors,
  • Member, CRI Home Inspectors Association of Florida,
  • Member Florida Association of Building Inspectors - RPI
  • Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 183
  • Florida Certified Mold Assessor MRSA93
  • Certified Residential Thermographer, M.I.T.

Mark Reardon - Registered Architect
Mark has performed over 3,000 inspections performed since 2005 and is a successful and well known architect in South Florida with excellent knowledge of construction details and building codes. Mark specializes in 40-Year Re-certification Inspections, ADA Inspections and Building Assessments. Registered Architect Threshold Inspector LEED AP, USGC

Joe Penza - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 2201
Joe Penza is the standard for which the bar is set in the home inspection and building inspection industry today. Joe has performed over 10,000 residential and commercial inspections since 2000 and remains as one of the most experienced inspectors in the nation and the most requested inspector in South Florida. Joe's expertise has brought him throughout the United States and the Caribbean providing his services to investors, corporations and property buyers. Joe graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction and has remained in the industry for over 20 years. Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 2201 Florida Certified Mold Assessor MRSA952 Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker BK0694164 Florida Certified General Contractor CGC062940 B.S, University of Florida Certified Residential Thermographer, M.I.T.

James "Jim" Miller - Professional Engineer
Jim Miller is well known in the South Florida real estate community for his expertise on property site assessment for over 15 years. Jim, with a bachelor's degree from Florida International University in Engineering, provides expertise and oversight in commercial inspections, the certificate of use ordinance and construction consulting. Jim Miller has performed over 5,000 inspections and remains one of the most requested engineers in South Florida. Professional Engineer License # 53873 B.S., Florida International University.

Masood Feghhi - Professional Engineer
Masood Fenghhi is a professional engineer, with over 5,000 inspections performed. Masood's specialty is damage assessments, structural inspections, construction consulting and 40- year re-certification inspections. Professional Engineer, License # 38622 Certified General Contractor CGC51936 B.S., University of Michigan, engineering

Peter Koukios - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 3887
Peter Koukios has performed over 5,000 home inspections since joining Allied in 2003. Peter's diligence, thoroughness and expertise make him a highly requested inspector. Peter was among the first professionals to identify problems associated with Chinese imported drywall in South Florida. Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 3887 Florida Certified General Contractor, CGC 045351, Relinquished Florida Certified Roofing Contractor, CCC 056943, Relinquished Certified Building Inspector, SBCCI 6191, Relinquished Bachelor of Architecture from University of Miami Certified Residential Thermographer, M.I.T.

Chris Reardon - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 1522
Chris Reardon, a Field Inspector since 1999 with Allied, has performed over 10,000 home Inspections, and is one of the most experienced home inspectors in the nation. Chris' expertise and attention to detail has brought him to specialize in luxury residence in South Florida, with over $360,000,000 worth of homes inspected in last year. Chris has a bachelor's degree from the University of Miami and is a Florida Certified Home Inspector. Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 1522 B.A., University of Miami Certified Residential Thermographer, M.I.T.

Gilbert Doval - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 1837
Gilbert has performed over 6,000 inspections performed since 2001. Gilbert's specialty involves condominiums and luxury residences of the coastal areas of South Florida. Gilbert is a Florida Certified Home Inspector and remains one of the most experienced inspectors in the nation. Field Inspector Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 1837 Certified Residential Thermographer, M.I.T.

Ethan Dunn - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 2328, Florida Licensed Mold Assessor MRSA1720
Ethan's field of specialization is mold assessments and insurance-related inspections, possessing the qualifications and training to evaluate construction means and methods for Windstorm Mitigation and condition assessments. Field Inspector Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 2328 Florida Licensed Mold Assessor MRSA1720 Certified Residential Thermographer, M.I.T.

Juan Mendez - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 4743
Juan has over 20 years of construction, building and maintenance experience as both a landlord and repair specialist. Juan specializes in Windstorm Mitigation Inspections, insurance inspection and residential inspections in South Florida. Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 4743 Windstorm Mitigation Training Certificate 18021105 Associates of Arts, Miami Dade College Certified Residential Thermographer, M.I.T.

Jorge Ortiz - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 3513
Jorge specializes in residential home inspections in the Coastal Areas of South Florida. Jorge is highly requested, and brings extensive experience and knowledge, with over 3,000 inspections performed. Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 3513, Windstorm Mitigation Training Certificate, Certified Residential Thermographer, M.I.T.

Edward "Ted" Clark - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 5281
Ted is a lifelong construction expert, with a heritage considered as construction royalty in South Florida. Growing up working on the Clark Construction projects throughout Miami, the skyline is a living resume for Ted. Ted is a Florida General Contractor and has performed 1,000's of inspections in his over 20 years of experience. His vast knowledge of codes, designs and details make him an excellent inspector and a favorite inspector for real estate professionals. Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 5281, Florida Certified General Contractor CGC1519624, Certified Building Contractor CBC058370, Certified Commercial Pool Contractor CPC 1458140, Certified Independent Insurance Adjuster PO29869, Windstorm Mitigation Training Certificate, Certified Residential Thermographer, M.I.T.

Raul Rivero - Damage Assessment Expert
Raul is an expert in the construction and property claim adjusting industry. His professional background in construction management, insurance adjusting, and real estate development has spanned over 25 years. Raul holds a State of Florida Certified General Contractor license, All-Lines Insurance Adjusters license, as well as, a State of Florida Real Estate License. Raul has performed over 10,000 forensic investigations and possess extensive knowledge of building means, methods and details. Raul is a court approved expert, rendering testimony in 100’s of cases regarding building systems and components, and has authored 1,000’s of reports. Raul earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Florida International University. As a general contractor and real estate developer he managed and supervised countless remodeling and reconstruction projects including the construction and development of custom homes as well as new home subdivisions. Raul is also an expert in the commercial and residential manufacturing and installation of hurricane impact glass window systems as well as glass and aluminum railing systems, which he has installed in commercial, residential, and high rise buildings. As a property adjuster, Raul has inspected, estimated and adjusted damaged buildings in every natural disaster since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, including damaged hotels and commercial buildings in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Raul was the talk show radio host of “Staking Your Claim” on 880 AM (The Biz), a one-hour call-in radio show where he served as an expert discussing construction and property damage claims after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma. He has been on television both as a WPLG Channel 10 Local Expert and an invited guest on Public Television (WLRN). In 2006, Raul was recognized for his expertise and was appointed by Florida’s Chief Financial Officer as governing board member to Florida’s Commercial Property and Casualty JUA Board. He is a regular guest speaker at conferences and has been invited by Florida International University’s Business School as a special panelist speaker. Florida Certified General Contractor: # CGC1521048 Florida All Lines Adjuster License: # A221477


Brandon Wieland - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 8215
Brandon comes from a long construction background, with one grandfather as a mason and another as Journeymen Plumber with GM for over 25 years. Even his father owned and operated a general contracting company in Michigan. He was practically born and raised in the construction industry. Working for his father by age 14, Brandon has installed foundations, roofing systems, and everything in between. It wasn't long before he was using his expansive knowledge to better the home inspection industry. Brandon has completed over 180+ hours of home inspector training with the Professional Home Inspector Institute and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. He has also performed over 550 pre-sale home inspections and has inspected over 1,300 homes in total.


Lucas Stokes - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 9274
Lucas is a Florida native raised on Sanibel Island. Known for his integrity, honesty, and diligence, Lucas is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients. He graduated from the EIG Watson School of Aviation with a degree in Aviation Administration and has been a Miami resident since 2004. His focus and attention to detail help him specialize in precision building inspections. Lucas has performed hundreds of inspections in the South Florida area and enjoys making every buyer feel confident and informed in their decision to purchase. State Licensed Home Inspector HI 9274. Certified PHI, Professional Home Inspector. InterNachi member 

Jack Fitts - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 9303
Jack is a South Florida native that grew up in Miami Springs. He attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, but home was always South Florida. Jack has business experience in sales management, operations and customer service. He is both people and detail oriented, and has strong analytical and problem-solving skills. These skills assist him in effectively communicating with clients so that they can be fully informed about their investment after the inspection. Though already a qualified building inspector, Jack prides himself on continuing education to further his knowledge and expertise in the industry. Florida Certified Home Home Inspector #HI 9303, Wood Destroying Organism Inspector #JE 256068.

Juan Lopez - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 
Juan is an Illumination expert with thousands of inspections performed. His experience and reliability make him a tremendous resource for anyone needing an inspection or lighting assessment. 


Michael Dana - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 9764
Michael has performed over 5,000 residential and commercial inspections in France since 2004 and has trained over 450 inspectors. His experience has taken him all over his country, and now he has brought that expertise to South Florida. Michael is the 1st known home inspector to have performed home inspections in both Europe and the United States. His thoroughness and experience make him a valuable asset during your real estate transactions. Michael graduated from the University of Paris - Jussieu with a Master's Degree in Science. Florida Certified Home Inspector HI 9764 - Wind Mitigation, 4-Point and Roof Certification - Wood Destroying Organism Inspection JE 248769


David Garcia - Sewer Technician
David is a water/sewer piping technician with over 20 years of experience in residential, commercial, and civil infrastructure operations. His expertise lies in video piping and analysis of all types of water/sewer pipes in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. 

Neil Roeder - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 7660
Neil moved from New York to Miami in 1985 after serving in the United States Marine Corps. After being a property insurance claims adjuster for over 20 years, Neil obtained his home inspectors license and has since performed hundreds of inspections in the South Florida area. Known for his honesty and integrity, Neil is often personally requested to perform inspections for real estate agents who are looking for a true professional to service the home inspection needs of their clients.

Jorge L. Garcia, Jr. - Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 9540
Jorge is one of our newest recruits with extensive experience in home inspections. His background in the construction industry at a young age, lead him to pursue his father’s footsteps in the inspection industry. He joined our team on March 2017. As a field inspector, he performs Residential Inspections, Wind Mitigation, 4-Point, Damage Assessments, Draw inspections and Wood Destroying Organism inspections.

Kenneth Fuchsman - Licensed Home Inspector in Florida HI 10876, Sewer Technician
Ken has extensive construction and evaluation experience gained through his long career as a contractor specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, additions and structural deficiencies. Ken's talents allowed him to be creative and suggest about structural additions, alterations and improvements that would be more functional. In addition, his knowledge of all available resources served him and his clients. After what would be considered a lifelong career, Ken decided to use his experience to help people in his home and make purchases, joining the home inspection industry. After completing the required courses at Molloy College and obtaining his home inspection license, Ken has been working as a home inspector for five years and has completed more than 1,400 inspections to date on new, existing and old buildings.

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