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Is your home making you sick? Does your family suffer from chronic respiratory or allergic conditions? Do your employees complain about the air quality in your office or work place? This may be a result of mold that resides in numerous areas of your building and is not visible to the naked eye. Our team of Florida Certified Mold Assessors will inspect your home or commercial property for the presence of mold. Allied’s experts implement protocol that is unparalleled in South Florida, involving the use of equipment, knowledge and years of experience to gather information and analyze samples collected onsite. In addition, Allied's alliance with EMLab provides unmatched laboratory analysis with a quick turnaround time.

How we test

Allied provides a thorough assessment of the surface environments in each home or commercial building, using visual means as well as on-site testing with moisture meters, hygrometers, ATP (on-site mold detection), thermal imaging, air sampling and surface sampling procedures. Air samples and surface samples are analyzed for the presence of mold spores. Each sample is analyzed by our certified laboratory for microbial identification and quantification.

Our evaluation, findings, analysis of samples, and subsequent recommendations are provided in an industry-best report, including labeled photos of key contaminated areas.

Allied is the sole building inspection company in South Florida with four licensed mold assessors on staff to meet our clients' needs!

Prices starting at just $275.

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